Infrastructure Materials Corp
. is a United States exploration stage company incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware and trading publicly on the OTC Pink under the symbol IFAM and on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol IFM. Fiscal Year End: June 30th. The Company, based in Reno, Nevada, is focused on exploration and development, if warranted, of precious metals and cement grade limestone resources in the United States.

The Company controls 10 precious metal projects in the State of Nevada covering 293 claims.

The Company also controls two limestone projects in the State of Nevada covering 68 claims with the potential for development of significant cement grade limestone resources. Infrastructure Materials Corp. is well positioned to develop several significant ore bodies with limestone potential that could be brought to production in the foreseeable future.

In December 2008, Infrastructure Materials Corp. (IMC) went through a name change and restructuring. In accomplishing the restructuring, the Company acquired Infrastructure Materials Corp US (IMC US) as a wholly owned subsidiary that holds its United States limestone projects. It then incorporated Silver Reserve Corp. (SRC) as a wholly owned subsidiary to retain the original company name and hold the silver, base metal projects, as well as our 200 ton-per-day mill facility at Mina, Nevada. In December 2009 the Company acquired Canadian Infrastructure Corp. (CIC). The Company's structure is illustrated in the chart below.

Infrastructure Materials Corp. has a strong management group led by President and CEO, Mason Douglas, and Founder, Todd Montgomery, with an exceptional track record of successfully acquiring and developing mineral properties in advance of the peak demand for the minerals. Mr. Montgomery was the founder and former President and CEO of Anglo Potash Ltd., a Canadian mining company, formerly Anglo Minerals Ltd. Anglo Potash Ltd. was purchased by BHP Billiton in 2008. Mr. Montgomery founded Anglo Minerals Ltd. in 1994. In 1999, Mr. Montgomery founded and served as President and Chief Operating Officer of SynEnco Energy Inc., an oil sands development corporation. He is now a Director of Infrastructure Materials Corp.

Mr. Douglas and his team have a firm belief the United States' market for cement and lime will be favorable moving forward. Regardless of the forecast increase in demand, Nevada and California currently have a significant shortfall in cement production and import a major percentage of the cement they use. Added to this is the fact that existing infrastructure in the United States has age-deteriorated and politicians are promising infrastructure expansion which will require a significant increase in cement demand.

It is management's position that the Federal and State governments in the United States will embark on major infrastructure expenditures in the near future to assist in economic recovery. This will expand the demand for materials in the limestone and cement categories. In anticipation of a robust market, the Company plans to proceed with the systematic exploration and development, if warranted, of its limestone projects. Management also believes that precious and base metal prices will recover in the near term warranting further exploration of our precious metal projects.

Infrastructure Materials Corp. is well positioned to develop several significant ore bodies in limestone and precious metals that could be brought to production in the foreseeable future. The Company plans to move one or more limestone projects to feasibility and will also seek out potential partners to assist in the development of these projects.

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