What is limestone with respect to cement and concrete?

Limestone is the primary ingredient in the production of cement which in turn is used to make concrete. Limestone must have a high percentage of calcium carbonate to meet cement grade standards.

How does IMC see government infrastructure spending affecting the Company?

Management believes that infrastructure spending in relation to the demand for cement will have a positive impact on the Company both in the short term and long term.

How does the real estate market impact the demand for cement?

The real estate market is a large user of cement. There are areas of the US such as Nevada, Arizona and California that have substantial shortages of cement production and our strategic location of potential deposits can meet some of this demand. This information is based on an independent Market Study prepared for IMC.

About IMC Limestone Projects

Why is IMC working in Nevada on cement grade limestone?

Deposits we are developing in Nevada are within shipping range of California and can supply part of the annual shortfall of 3.6 million tons of cement production in Nevada and California.

How many limestone projects does IMC have?

Two and still looking for more in strategic areas where cement is in short supply.

What limestone project is most advanced?

The Blue Nose Project, which is located within 90 miles north east of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is there a reason IMC has not described any limestone reserve as yet?

To state a reserve, one must meet certain standards as set out by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To date, the Company's projects do not meet those standards. However, the Company continues to strive to further delineate its limestone projects to provide the data necessary for a reserve calculation.

What environmental issues does IMC foresee?

Management does not foresee any critical or unsolvable environmental issues. A prominent environmental firm is employed to assist IMC in compliance with environmental regulations.

Can IMC predict when they may bring cement production on line?

It is too early to forecast. The permitting and construction is estimated to be 4 to 5 years.

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About IMC Silver Projects

What does IMC plan to do with its silver projects?

As the silver and base metal markets improve, we believe we have prime properties for development. The Company is also considering joint ventures with third parties to further explore and develop, if warranted, its silver projects.

How many precious metal projects does IMC have?

Ten in total. IMC also owns a custom mill that is nominally designed to process 200 tons of ore per day.

How many precious metal projects have the potential to develop substantial reserves?

There are 3 properties with inferred reserves at present and the potential for development of substantial ore bodies over a short period of time.

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About IMC Finance

Which exchanges does IMC trade on?

IMC is a fully reporting issuer with the SEC and is traded on the OTC Pink under the symbol IFAM and on the TSX-V under the symbol IFM.

How many shares of IMC are issued?

138,304,619 (at August 31, 2014) with the majority held by very loyal shareholders that have continued to support the Company.

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