Infrastructure Materials Corp is a Reno, Nevada based exploration stage company that is directing its efforts to the exploration and development, if warranted, of precious metal properties located in Nevada and cement grade limestone deposits in strategic locations in Nevada.

Our Silver Reserve Corp. subsidiary is focused on the exploration and development, if warranted, of silver and base metals. We control 10 precious metal projects covering 293 claims in the State of Nevada. Silver Reserve Corp. also holds a custom mill located approximately 185 miles southeast of Reno, Nevada.

Several of our precious metal projects, including Clay Peters, Klondyke and Silver Queen, provide opportunity for early mine development and are strong assets to be holding as the precious and base metal markets improve. We also believe there is a developing shortage of good precious metal exploration properties in Nevada, which we expect will present the opportunity to joint venture some of our projects thus creating additional development and exposure as well as potential revenue for the Company.

Our Infrastructure Materials Corp US subsidiary specializes in the exploration and development, if warranted, of materials to satisfy demands for the cement industry. We control two projects covering 68 claims in the State of Nevada, all with potential for the development of significant cement grade limestone deposits.

Founder Todd Montgomery commented that "We believe the federal and state governments in the United States will embark on major infrastructure expenditures in the near future that will expand the demand for materials in the limestone and cement categories. Nevada and California currently have demand for cement far exceeding production." Mr. Montgomery also stated that "Our intent is to move as quickly as possible to bring these projects to feasibility."

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